Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wicked Wednesday: Gothic Christmas Part II

Happy Wednesday, Folks!  And welcome to part II of my Gothic Christmas special.  Here's another handful of darkly delightful decorations for your home, your gifts, and for you!

Let's start with you, shall we?  After all, why should the tree have all the fun?  You deserve a bit of decoration too.  Maybe something like this:

Or anything from AtticRaiders, for that matter.  They have such a beautiful assortment you couldn't go wrong.  So go check 'em out, and while you're there, be sure to have a look at their masks.  They're gorgeous!

Now that we've got you dressed, what about those gifts?  Looking for something to add an elegant, gothic flare to your packages?  Here ya go:

PetiteMichelleLouise has plenty of gorgeous, vintage-inspired gift tags for you to choose from--including these, featuring Gothic windows.  And what good goth doesn't love Gothic architecture?

All right.  That's you and the packages...  Still need something for the tree?  Check out Something Wicked's awesome Skull & Snowflakes Ornament:

I love that poor, puzzled-looking skull.  It's like he can't figure out what he's doing here, sandwiched between a pair of snowflakes, nestled amidst the branches of a tree.  Of course, if skulls aren't your thing, there are bats too, as well as a couple of cool black "studded" ornaments.  And other cool stuff too.  Go check 'em out!

Me?  I've got beads to string and carols to sing!  Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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