Friday, December 4, 2009

Follower Feature Friday: Terrabella

Happy Friday folks! It’s time for another Follower Feature! And another holiday shopping idea…

If you’re shopping for a lady, jewelry is pretty much a no-fail gift. I’m sure there are girls out there who don’t like jewelry, but I don’t know any. Trouble is, some of us like it so much that it’s hard to find something we don’t already have. If you’ve got someone like this on your hands, don’t give up and start looking for other ideas just yet. Go check out Terrabella first.

Your lady/mother/sister/friend may have jewelry consisting of every metal and stone known to man, but does she have anything made of wood? I don’t. Not yet anyway… But I’d love to have any of Terrabella’s jewelry. It’s all just gorgeous, superbly crafted. And no matter how much work is done to a piece, the inherent beauty of the wood itself always shines through.

Take this bracelet, for instance. Or this one. Aren’t they just stunning?

Now. What if you’ve got one of those rare non-jewelry-wearing sorts? Well, Terrabella’s got you covered there too. This keepsake box would make a wonderful gift. Perfect for adding your own personal touch. You could put a hand-written or some other special item in it. Or even use it as a unique, thoughtful way to present another gift. Lots of possibilities, and if this one doesn’t strike your fancy, there are plenty more where that came from.

Like the idea of a useful gift, but looking for something a little… roomier? How about a basket? Baskets are nice, right? How about a hand-woven pine needle basket. I’m willing to bet most people do not already have one of these.

I wish I did. I’d love to see one in person. I’m just fascinated. Must look into this pine needle weaving thing more closely. And while I’m doing that, you go give Terrabella some love!

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