Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Motivator: New Item!

I love listing new items!  And I'm especially excited today because I've just listed my first Branding Package!

What's a "branding package," you ask?

This right here:

This is the bare bones basic edition, but I intend to offer larger sets in the future with lots of extra goodies--like extra banners and avatars for sales, thank you cards, address labels...  Basically, anything useful I can think of (suggestions are totally welcome!).

I've got many, many more designs planned, so keep your eyes peeled!  Also, I've got some gorgeous new beads on the way (thank you, Kitty! ♥), so you can expect some new jewelry soonish as well.  And headbands!  I need to make headbands!  Ahhh!  So much to do!  How could I not be motivated?!

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