Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wicked Wednesday: Creepy Crochet

Okay, so it's not really creepy, per se. I just like alliteration. And all of these crocheted creations do have a certain gothic flair. And you thought crochet was just for Granny's afghans! You didn't really, did you?!

Oh, no, my friends. It's also for... jewelry? You bet! Just check out this gorgeous crocheted choker from FlowersbyIrene:

Isn't it amazing? Great for any elegant occasion, but it would truly be the perfect Gothic wedding accessory. There's also a white version for the more traditional bride, as well as lots of other beautiful crocheted accessories. Check it out!

You know what would go great with that choker? These gloves from crochetize:

I know I said the same thing about the last item, but aren't these amazing? So detailed! So elegant! So fantastically well-made! Go pay crochetize a visit. She has a few other pairs of gloves in her shop, and each one is just as gorgeous as these.

I always like to see something for the wee baby gothlings of the world, and these have to be one of the cutest items of that description I've ever seen:

I love these. I love the little skulls. I love that they look like Crocs. And I love that they take the tradition of crocheted baby booties to a new, modern, goth-ish level. Awesome!

Nahvrianna has these in other colors, as well, if you're not of the "drab is fab" mindset. And if you're not really gothly at all I don't know why you're reading this she has lots of other adorable booties too, as well as patterns, if you'd like to make your own.

Now, then. On to today's bonus item! This one isn't actually crocheted itself, but it is crochet-related. And it's so cool I just couldn't resist.

This puts my nice-but-kinda-boring-maroon-pleather-came-with-the-hooks case to shame! Aren't those little button-eyed skulls and scissor-crossbones just the greatest? And the best part? This is just one of many awesome designs Slipped Stitch Studios has to offer. There are plenty of other cool needle/hook wraps as well as project bags and oodles of other accessories for we knitters and hookers.

All right, my fiendish friends. That's it from me today. Have you got a cool, creepy crocheted item to share? Leave me a comment. I'd love to see it!


  1. Great finds! I cannot even imagine how long those gloves took to make- they are amazing :)

  2. I love these! But of course my wardrobe is 70% black (the other 30% is divided between purple and red).

  3. super cool items! The gloves ARE amazing!

  4. Jennie - Thanks! She says in the description that they take about 5 days. I think they'd take me a lot longer!

    Janiss - Thanks! Lol. So is mine!

    Splendid - Aren't they, though?

    Beth - I thought so too. :D

    Ruthie - Thanks! :)

  5. Love those little booties... and yes I agree, the glove are da bomb!!!

    I am signed up to take a bead crochet class next month, looking forward to it.

  6. Oooh, bead crochet? How fun! I assume it's yarn and beads, yes? I got a book form the library a while back that was about crocheting with wire and beads. I'm intrigued by both, but I haven't gotten around to trying it yet... And I'm rambling. =P Anyway, have fun with your class!