Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog Carnival: Snowflakes

Taking a break from the routine to post another blog carnival (almost missed this one! Eep!). This one is all about snowflakes!

One of the options was to write about our favorite way to make snowflakes, which immediately made me go, "Ooh!" Remember those paper snowflakes you learned how to make in art class back in elementary school? Actually, show of hands, who did learn how to make them? I learned last winter that, contrary to what I would have thought, this is not a universal part of the elementary school art class curriculum.

It should be. They're easy and they're fun and the end product is always beautiful and unique--just like real snowflakes. And there's just something about the whole process of making them... It's almost meditative. Or it is to me, anyway. I don't know. Maybe I take my snowflake-making too seriously. =P

There's something about teaching people how to make snowflakes too. I taught my little sister a few years ago, and it kept me smiling for days as she made snowflake after snowflake and proudly showed me the results. And she's gone on to teach others. It's amazing how the snowflake-making love just naturally seems to spread...

Now, if I'd been on top of things and had a bit more time to work on it, I'd be posting a little snowflake how-to here. Maybe I'll make that my next Tuesday tutorial...

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