Friday, January 8, 2010

Follower Feature Friday: Eco Creations

Happy Friday, Folks!  Hope you're all enjoying yours.  We're having a snowy one here, but that's okay.  I view it as a great excuse to stay inside and drink lots of hot chocolate! 

And, of course, catch up on things like my blogging.  It feels like it's been ages since I did a Follower Feature...  But I'm jumping back in the saddle with this post, featuring the lovely EcoCreations!

If you're into eco-friendly, nature-inspired designs, you simply must check out Eco Creations.  While they're focus is on hemp and beaded jewelry, they also feature other accessories and home decor (there aren't any listed at the moment, but they do some awesome hemp rugs).  And the best part?  Not only is everything in the shop beautiful, but it's all made with vegan, domestically-made, and/or recycled materials. And they offer free shipping in the US!  Here's just a sample of what they have to offer...

Unique Hemp Jewelry

I don't think I've ever seen hemp combined with sterling silver before, but isn't gorgeous?  If you don't think hemp jewelry can be elegant, take another look at this picture.  And then go check out the rest of the shop, because this is just one example.

Elegant Earrings

Maybe hemp just really isn't your thing.  No worries.  Eco Creations has lots of not-hemp-but-still-eco-friendly jewelry too.  Like these beautiful, graceful earrings, featuring mother-of-pearl coins that were not harvested from live oysters.  No need for your earrings to fight with your ethics!

Beautiful Beaded Bracelets

Eco Creations has all sorts of beautiful bracelets of both the hemp and beaded variety, ranging from austere and elegant to fun and funky.  So choosing one was difficult, but the name of this one caught my eye.  Sugarplum.  What a perfect name!  It really does remind me of a bunch of sugarplums all strung together.  It's one part Serious Plum Business, two parts Sugary Dancing Fun.  I love it!

And all that talk of sugarplums has made me hungry...  I'm off to raid the after-Christmas candy stash.  You go pay a visit to Eco Creations!

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