Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking Forward

If you've been following my blog, you may have noticed a few changes--such as the addition of a second sidebar (Finally figured that out!  Yay!) and some new graphics related to the Etsy Bloggers Team.  Yup, I have officially joined my very first Etsy team, and I am all kinds of excited!

So I'm deviating from my normal schedule today to write my first Blog Carnival entry, answering the question: "Now that 2010 is here, what do you have planned/look forward to/hope to accomplish this year?"

The first answer that springs to mind is, "So very much!"  I have so many ideas bouncing around I could probably ramble for pages.  Which, might be interesting, but also time-consuming.  So I'll narrow it down to a nice, neat list...

Plans for 2010
  • Experiment with quilting.  I've always loved quilts.  My great grandma made the most fantastic patchwork quilts out of old clothes that she cut into little squares and sewed entirely by hand.  They were the warmest, coziest things in the world.  I used to watch quilting shows on PBS almost every day, and came to know quite a bit about how quilts are constructed.  But for some reason, I've just never gotten around to trying it out for myself.  But the crafty muses recently gifted me with what I think is an awesome and rather unique idea for a series of quilts, and I intend to get to work just as soon as I compile all of the necessary materials...
  • Play with polymer clay.  There's a necklace design that's been sitting in my sketchbook for a few months now waiting for me to get the beads and decide how to make the pendant.  I finally decided to use polymer clay and, coincidentally, not long thereafter, I was given a book about stamping polymer clay, which gave me all sorts of other ideas.  I fell in love with poly-clay a few years ago when I started costuming (it's great for all sorts of small props and such), and I've always wanted to experiment with it in other contexts but, like quilting, I've just never gotten around to it.  Apparently, this is to be the year of "Things I Never Got Around To Before."
  • Make some dolls.  I've recently developed a fascination with sock dolls, plushies, amigurumi, and other such forms of "soft" dolls.  I actually made a small stuffed moose back in my junior high home ec. class.  It was a rather frustrating experience, but the teacher and I did not get on well, so the atmosphere was probably more to blame for that than the moose itself.  So I am not deterred.  Though, I do believe some sort of amigurumi will be my first venture.  I also must add that I am utterly in love with sock dolls.  If I can work out a way to make myself a sock squirrel, my life will be complete.
  • Make some soap!  I started fiddling with soap-making a few years ago, and made some lovely melt-and-pour glycerin soaps that I gave as Christmas presents to all the ladies in my family.  They were quite easy and lots of fun, but what I really wanted to try--what started that whole venture, to begin with--was cold process soap-making (the real deal, with lye and all that jazz).  I always did enjoy chemistry...  I think the whole process appeals to my inner mad scientist.  Regardless, I never got around to it back then, and I haven't thus far mostly because of all the equipment I needed to compile (being broke does not make that easy =P).  But I recently came across something that offers the best of both worlds:  soap shreds!  Basically, these are cold process soap that's been shredded and can thus be melted, dyed, scented, and poured into molds, much like glycerin.  How cool is that?  I already have ideas for a few different "scent collections," and I'd love to add a bath and body line to my shop this year (or maybe start a second shop--I'm debating). 
Well, look at that.  I rambled anyway.  Ah, well.  Those are my major crafty plans for this year.  I have many other, less-interesting-to-write-about business/marketing plans and goals, as well.  All in all, it's going to be a busy year!


  1. Looking forward to hearing how it goes...I'm with you on those top 2 :)

  2. wow! you're very brave to take on so many different things... Good luck with it, and welcome to the Etsybloggers team! {:-Deb

  3. You have a lot of fun things planned for this year! Enjoy!

  4. Ooo I would love to see your polymer clay jewelry idea! Bet it is cool. All your stuff looks so neat!

  5. You are bubbling with enthusiasm! It will be fun to see where this year takes you! Welcome to the esty bloggers' team!

  6. TiLT - Thanks! And don't worry; I'll keep y'all updated. :)

    Storybeader - Aw, shucks. *blushes* Really, though, it's not bravery so much as wreckless abandon. =P

    Kathleen - Dang skippy! =P I'm sure I will. :D

    Cindy - Thank you! Once I get somewhere with it, I'll post pictures here. So keep your eyes peeled!

    Splendid - I try always to maintain, at least, a briskly simmering enthusiasm. =P Fun, indeed! I know I can't wait to see what the year holds. :)