Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wicked Wednesday: Gothsgiving

We all know Halloween is the official goth holiday. And last week I featured a few pseudo-gothly Christmas items. But what about Thanksgiving? I had to wonder how the creepy crafters of Etsy had put their mark on Turkey Day. So I did some searching.

Alas, I found no goth turkeys or cornucopia of doom or anything that was really specific to Thanksgiving. What I did find was some lovely bits of dinnerware and décor that would be perfect for adding that morbid touch to your Thanksgiving meal.

Take, for instance, these gorgeous napkins. I love that scraggly, leafless tree. It’s dismally beautiful and seasonally appropriate. And just imagine how awesome those ruby-red napkins would look with a black tablecloth or, as the seller mentions, on a dark wood table.

Salt and pepper shakers are another easy way to dress up your table for the season. There’s certainly no shortage of turkey shakers, and this year I saw some pretty fall leaves. But we’re looking for something with a little more style, right? Something like… Oh, I dunno… Sugar skulls? So they may not have anything to do with Thanksgiving, and Dia de los Muertos is at the other end of the month, but it is in the same month. And what good goth wouldn’t just jump at the chance to add a little more Dia to their day?

Maybe you already have fancy, gothtastic goblets to serve your wine in. Maybe you have plain, boring wine glasses because that’s what you could afford. Either way, you can dress them up a bit and offer your guests a fun, easy way to keep track of their glass once you’ve polished off that first bottle and the party’s really getting started. You can find drink charms just about anywhere, but we need something will fit in with the rest of our décor. Something like this. A little Poe, a little Muertos… Oh, yeah. It’s shapin’ up to be an awesome holiday.

But what are we gonna serve all that food on? Well, I didn’t find all the awesome gothly dinnerware I was expecting. But maybe I just didn’t look hard enough. After all, I got kind of distracted by this cool ceramic platter. There’s something about that faded, distressed image that’s just mesmerizing. I love it. And the more I look at it, the more I love it. But I’ll be darned if I can find those wolves. Or the moose.

So. That does it for my picks. But I’d love to see yours! What items would you like to see on your Thankgiving table this year?

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