Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Threads

When discussions about fashion arise—be it in magazines, on TV, or at the bus stop—one key piece of clothing (for we females, anyway) is almost always overlooked. Hosiery.

I suppose that’s to be expected. After all, pantyhose, knee highs, even stockings are all pretty basic, typically come in a somewhat limited range of colors, and just generally aren’t anything to write home about, right?

That’s what you think. Obviously, you haven’t seen Post’s shop. Their range of “tattoo socks” (which includes full length tights, knee highs, and thigh highs) features a wide range of designs, from pretty snowflakes and butterflies to flirty birds and giant octopi.

Every girl needs a pair of stockings like this. They’d be the perfect finishing touch for that special holiday ensemble and be just as perfect with your more casual attire, as well. They’re versatile, beautiful, and unique. What more do you need?

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