Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Threads: Eco-Friendly Fashion, Part 2

Happy Earth Day, dear readers!  I know I celebrated the coming of this auspicious day last week with an eco-friendly fashion feature, but I couldn't think of a better way to honor today than a sequel of sorts.  I certainly didn't have any trouble finding enough items.  In fact, the hard part was picking just a few.  But I did, because I had to.  And here they are...

Pretty Birdie's High Waisted Bamboo Swing Skirt by stephanieteague

This beautiful skirt is made with bamboo and organic cotton and is available in several colors. Bonus: It's hand-dyed with eco-friendly low impact dyes. Cool.

Crossley Hooodie by simplebear

Both the inner jersey lining and outer fleece lining of this unique, asymmetric hoodie are 100% organic cotton. And doesn't it just look super cozy? Bonus: You get to choose your colors! And both fabrics are available in several, so there are oodles of possible combinations.

Flora Flat by HydraHeart

These adorable, nature-inspired flats are totally vegan! No leather to be found here, only fabric and rubber. Bonus: No need to worry about wearing them in the garden or out in the woods. These babies are washable!

So there you have it - three awesome artists doing their part for the earth. Now, what are you doing?

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  1. cute, cute flora flats. I'm not really a shoe person, but when I see a good pair, I can't help but let out a big sigh... {:-D