Friday, April 23, 2010

Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival: Birthdays

Howdy, folks! It's time for another blog carnival, and this one, hosted by Joey and Aleethea, is all about birthdays!

Tell us about your birthday/what astrological sign you are/what are your plans for your birthday this year?

My birthday was back in February, on the 5th - the same day as H. R. Giger and Hank Aaron.  I'm your typical creative and somewhat quirky Aquarius, the water bearer (though, I'm far more likely to come bearing tea or coffee).  I was also born in the year of the rat.

As for plans, I don't really have any.  Having a nice dinner has been my small, simple birthday tradition for several years now.  I'm not one for big celebrations.  After all, I'm just another year older, and I think we all wonder at times if that's really something to celebrate.  In fact, I think I could stop having birthdays right now and be perfectly happy.  26 forever?  Sounds great!  Where do I sign up?

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