Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Motivator - A New Crafty Addiction

If you saw my latest Wordless Wednesday, then you know that I've taken a stab at bookbinding.  It was one of those things that I'd wanted to try for ages and just hadn't gotten around to it.  And now that I have... I'm totally hooked. 

I've already started working on one for Kitty, who was totally impressed with the first one.  And I have so many ideas for others.  SO many.  Different papers, different embellishments, different themes and uses... 

And the best part?  I hardly have to buy any materials to make these!  The covers are just your average cardboard (the first one was made from a Hamburger Helper box), and I've already got a decent stack saved up.  Look guys, I'm hoarding craft supplies AND reducing waste!  :D

I'm currently using plain old printer paper for the pages, but I'd really like to use recycled paper.  Maybe even handmade paper.  I've already started collecting scraps for potential future paper-making experiments. 

I'm going to do a few more first--practice makes perfect, you know--but I think I'm definitely going to try to sell some of these puppies.  I'm just debating between adding them to my Etsy inventory and starting a separate shop just for them, maybe on Zibbet.  I've heard great things and it wouldn't cost me a penny, so even if they didn't sell I wouldn't be out anything...

Ah, but I'm thinking out loud now, and I've got rice balls to make!  Later, Taters!

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