Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Fabruckets

I believe I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Etsy's How-Tuesday features, yes? Well, I recently came across another gem - one I definitely need to try. Organizational fabruckets.

What the heck is a fabrucket, you ask? Simple. It's a bucket made of fabric. And judging from the article, they look super easy and fun to make.

Check it out!

I especially love the little tree branch applique on the the big bucket. And there are just so many things you could do with these, both in the making and in use, that the possibilities are truly endless.

Personally, I'd like to make a couple of these to hold my crochet and knitting projects. I always have several going at one time, and I have a bad habit of just leaving them wherever I was working on them last, which isn't such a problem with knitting, but when it comes to crochet, those hooks have a genius for escaping. And the couch cushions just seem to gobble them up. I think a fabrucket would be the perfect solution!

I think I might make a sewing bucket too, for things like scissors and marking pens and tape measures and various other little odds and ends...

What would you use your fabrucket for?

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