Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Threads: Sweetheart Apron

I haven't written many features lately.  I love doing them, but they're time-consuming.  By the time I decide on a theme, look through my favorites and search Etsy, decide on my three feature items and write the actual post, I've usually put a good two hours or more into it.  That may not sound like all that much, but on top of promoting and getting non-Etsy-related things done, I found myself running short on actual crafting time. 

So I decided I needed to cut back on the time I was spending on some things.  I focused my promoting on Twitter because it's quick and easy.  I can tweet something whenever I have a few extra minutes.  And rather than trying to blog every day, I decided to aim for a few times a week.  That's worked out fairly well, except that I found myself skipping features altogether. 

I miss doing features and they've always been well-received, so I've decided that rather than saving them for when I have extra time, I'll just cut them down a bit so they won't take so long to write up.  Rather than three items, I'll now be featuring just one.  You'll be getting a delicious nibble rather a four-course scarf-down. 

And your first nibble is...  this adorable apron from prettylittlepearl:

I love aprons. My housemate and I collect them. Mostly, we go for vintage aprons, but this one would fit right in... and stand out. "Vintage style with a modern twist," the descriptions says, and I couldn't put it better myself.

My favorite part? The sweetheart neckline. I've never seen another apron made like that. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen another apron specifically made to be flattering. Kudos to prettylittlepearl for elevating the apron from utility item to fashion statement. You go, Pearl!


  1. I completely understand about how the computer saps so much time! I have been blogging less as well.

    And great find--this apron is very pretty.

  2. I love that apron and especially the neckline!

  3. I actually thought it was a dress! But now that I look at the back, well, it "reveals" all! Very cute! Great pic!

  4. Really lovely aprons! I'm an apron fanatic!