Friday, February 5, 2010

Follower Feature Friday: KMstudioDOTcom

Happy Friday, folks! Now, before I get on with my follower feature, I'd like to take a moment to share...

I got a feature of my own! I'm in this treasury! Isn't it lovely? My first treasury. I'm so excited!

But enough about me. Today's featured follower is kmstudiodotcom, who makes awesome items, both ornamental and functional, out of recycled aluminum cans. How cool is that? I always love to see crafters making nifty stuff and helping the environment at the same time. And KM Studio does just that with beautiful items like this magnet:

Hard to believe it's made from a plain old soda can, isn't it? And what a lovely way to dress up your fridge. Or your favorite jacket! Because you have the option, when ordering, of having this little lovely made into a brooch rather than a magnet. And there's no need to worry about sharp bits snagging you or your clothes, as each piece has a foam backing.

Are you more of a bookworm than a pin-wearing fridge-dresser? That's cool. KM Studio's got you covered too. Check out these bookmarks!

Nifty, no? I love the clip-type bookmarks, but a lot of the ones I've used have been a bit cumbersome - a bit heavy or oddly shaped. These look just perfect. They're small and simple, and they're made of aluminum, so they'd be light too. And again, they have a foam backing to protect you and your book. My only complaint is that I didn't see a Coke version. It's all about brand loyalty, y'know.

Ah, but KM Studio doesn't just recycle aluminum cans. She works with polymer clay and paints too! Take a look at this gorgeous polymer clay rose magnet:

So pretty! It reminds me of one of those lovely little miniature rose bushes. Looks like it was just picked!

And I just love this painting of a pair of lovebirds:

Such beautiful, vivid colors! Makes me think of the sunset.

And this is just a taste of what KM StudioDOTcom has to offer. Be sure to check out the rest of her shop!

I'm off to kick back and enjoy the rest of my birthday. See you Monday!


  1. Great feature! I love her work, also congrats on your first treasury!

  2. my fav was the bookmark... but I like magnets, too! I'm going to have to check out her shop! Thanks! {:-D