Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Threads: Command Presence

I've always had a thing for uniforms.  Military uniforms, in particular.  There's just something about those sharp lines and shiny buttons...  And I must not be the only one who sees it.  There is certainly no shortage of military-inspired fashion to be found.  And it's everywhere - on runways, in malls, and of course, on Etsy. 

Here are a few of my favorite military-inspired finds, beginning with the quintessential jacket...

I've seen oodles of different takes on the military jacket in all sorts of different styles, and I've found that what really makes one stand out is the details. Such is the case with this jacket by blackmirrordesign. Those straps and buttons on the front, the extra buttons along the sleeves (one can never have to many button), and the tails and more buttons in the back... It's these little things (the tails, especially) that make this jacket a cut above the rest.

Pardon me for a moment while I shove the Want Monster back in its cage...

*ahem* Moving on... While I love the severity of a good uniform and admire the discipline it represents, what I really enjoy about the fashions we're exploring today is the chance to break boundaries and, occasionally, to have a good chuckle. Which is why I just love this shirt by luckybunnyworldwide.

It's a bunny driving a tank! What's not to love? I certainly think Hawkeye would approve.

Now, getting back to serious business, I came to a startling realization while I was searching for today's items. I don't think I have ever featured a pair of pants. Leggings, yes, but I'm not sure those count. So I made it a point to look for some pants today, and boy am I glad I did. Check out these kick-arse jodhpurs by idolatre:

All those buttons and all that piping and zippers too? These are some seriously fancy pants. And I, for one, would love to have a pair to march around in.

So I guess I better get to work. Gotta sell before I can buy. And oh, do I want to buy...

What about you fine folks? Got a favorite military-inspired creation? Leave a comment!


  1. Thanks for featuring my jodhpurs! I love that bunny tank shirt. <3


  2. OMGosh...I love all of them! especially the jacket and pants. Way too cool!

  3. thanks so much for featuring my tank bunny shirt!