Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wicked Wednesday: Eco-Goth

The terms "eco-friendly" and "goth" may not seem to go together.  After all, gothic fashion - particularly certain sub-genres - seems to focus on the man-made and mechanical.  To say that nature plays no role, however, would be incorrect.  Nature finds its way into gothic fashion in beautiful gemstones adorning elegant jewelry, colorschemes that remind us of the sky at midnight or a rose garden just after the rain.  Nature's influence is there in all sorts of ways that we just don't think about.

But one of the most prominent places you'll find it is in the wonderful array of unique gothic beauty products that is available today.  One such product is this fantastic lip balm from the amazingly cool perfumery, For Strange Women:

 This lip balm (which contains no actual poison ivy, thank goodness) is packed with natural - and only natural - ingredients, like vitamin E and cocoa butter.  And it's flavored with essential oils, including basil, marjoram, and petitgrain.  Doesn't it sound wonderful?  Quite a nice change of pace from the usual fruit and mint flavors, I think.

But if that wasn't enough, this lip balm has an added bonus.  The packaging is totally eco-friendly.  It's completely biodegradable and compostable, contains no plastic, and it holds 40% more than a regular lip balm tube.  Sweet! 

I'm totally sold.  The only problem is choosing between this and one of the other awesome flavors For Strange Women has available.  And that's not to mention the perfumes, bath salts, and candles.  You really must go have a look.  
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  1. it just sounds kinda strange, to put poison ivy on your lips! {:-D