Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Threads: Dressed for Summer

Well, folks, summer is upon us.  So it's time to trade in those jackets and sweaters for lighter fabrics, shorter sleeves, and--my personal favorite for the season--summer dresses.  I'm not a fan of shorts, and some days it's just too darn hot for pants.  So I wear a lot of skirts and dresses during the summer.  In anticipation of the upcoming season, I've perused Etsy's eclectic selection of dresses and chosen a few favorites to share with you, my dear readers.  And here they are...

Katharina Dress by Lirola

This dress has it all.  It's the perfect length, custom fitted, comes in a variety of colors (though, I must say, I love the one pictured), and it has those cute little flirty sleeves and ruffles.  Now, I must confess, I am not generally a fan of the ruffles-on-everything trend.  But these are cute ruffles.  These are controlled, sensible ruffles.  This is not a senseless, violent, ruffle-splosion.  So.  Thumbs up.  And getting back on track...  This is one of those versatile dresses that I love.  It looks cool and comfortable, casual enough for your midday ice cream break, but dressy enough for that dinner party your friends are throwing.  All in all, a great dress.

Summer Breeze Dress by oneaviandaemon

This dress is the epitome of summer romance.  That layered skirt, that ruched waistband, those lovely little cap sleeves...  And to top it all off, as you can see in the closeups, the fabric has a subtle polka-dotted texture.  It's so cute!  So innocent!  So... summery!  This one also is made to measure.  Awesome.  Obviously, I need one of these to wear while I sit on the porch in the rose garden and drink tea and read Jane Austen. 

Sunflower Dress by ShugaRose

Let's see...  We've had a bright blue, a crisp, cool white...  What summer collection would be complete without a sunny yellow?  This dress certainly fits the bill.  And it's just adorable.  I love the 50's inspired full skirt, the sash, the scoop neck...  But the darling is in the details.  That lovely spray of hand-stitched flowers at the neckline is like a built-in corsage.  And the hem is embroidered--gorgeously, I might add--for that extra hint of elegance.  The item description says it would be fun to wear to a tea party, and I must agree.  I think it would be great for any summer party.  Or any summer grocery shopping excursion.  Or any excuse you could find, really.

So there are my picks.  Now let's see your favorite summer dresses!


  1. lovely! I've been perusing the dresses also...but not easy to find in my size...and I'm not as cute as some of the rockabilly models, so can't always pull it off :p
    And that word!

  2. love the summer breeze dress! seen a lot of hippie clothes around lately!